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Offering highlights from previous REFUEL events.

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A highlight reel of teachings & teachers from the years of REFUEL.

Healthy Church Assessment

Author and Educator, Dr. Rod Dempsey, developed a Church Health Assessment for pastors or church leaders to gauge the vitality of their church. In the same way one ascertains the health...
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The pursuit of holiness is the only way to determine what God’s will is for your life. ~ Eph. 4:17-24

Jonathan Falwell

1. What would I try to do if I might succeed?
2. What goals would I set if I knew I could not fail?
3. What price am I willing to pay?
4. What sacrifices am I willing to make?  

Jerry Falwell



Greg Surratt calls discouragement, “the occupational hazard of what [pastors] do.” This message is from REFUEL 2011, Greg share’s how pastor’s are guaranteed to deal with discouragement. Having a plan...
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Obeying Your Call

Mark Batterson reminisces about God’s call on his life. Comparing it to the first commissioning of the Apostles in Matthew 12. Throughout the Old Testament readers see the importance of building altars of...
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Healthy Systems

Former TRBC Associate Pastor Lance Witt offers specific advice on healthy church systems. Gleaning 3 principles from Moses’ interactions with Jethro. Pray Teach Delegate Lance concludes, “organizational health creates the...
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Hiring Staff

Senior Associate Pastor Doug Randlett offers advice to pastors who are in the position of hiring staff. Initial Question: Can this position be filled with a volunteer? or does this position...
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