City Reach Track Continues

City Reach Track Continues


9-9:50a – Session 1: City Reach Overview – (Organizing Principle and 7 Core Principles and 3 Step Process) – Rod Dempsey

10-10:50a – Session 2:  Pastors and Churches Working Together – (How to encourage churches to work together to show and share the Gospel) – Troy Temple, James Coleman, David Wheeler & Keith Anderson

11-11:50a – Session 3: Touch the Heart- Hand Out – (Feeding the physically hungry to earn the right to be heard) Ray Booth, Gordy Harper, Laura Bauer & Keith Anderson

Lunch Break – Food Trucks Outside

1:15-2:05p – Session 4: Hand UP- Camping Ministry – (How to sponsor inner city kids for camping ministry) Jonathan Falwell Jr./ Steve Perkins

2:15-3:05p – Session 5: – Hand Up- Life Skill Classes – (How to recruit, train, advertise, promote, develop and classes for the city) Rod Dempsey, Iain Lyttle & Rachel Koester

3:15-4:05p – Session 6: Handshake (How to develop long term mentoring relationships) – Neal Massey


Powerpoint From Sessions

City Reach Overview REFUEL 2019 Updated

REFUEL Life SKills Presentation