Amy Orr-Ewing

International Author, Speaker and Theologian

Amy Orr-Ewing

International Author, Speaker and Theologian
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Dr Amy Orr-Ewing is an international author, speaker and theologian who addresses the deep questions of our day with meaningful answers found in the Christian Faith. She is the author of multiple books including ‘Where is God in All the Suffering?’ and bestselling, ‘Why Trust the Bible?’

Over the last twenty years, Amy has given talks and answered questions on university campuses around the world. She has also addressed Parliamentarians in the Speakers Rooms and Chapel at the UK Parliament and staffers on Capitol Hill, and at the West Wing of The White House. She regularly responds to invitations to speak in banks, businesses, and consultancy firms as well as churches and conferences and enjoys broadcasting in the media and giving public lectures.

Amy is interested in the intersection of questions of meaning and faith within the marketplace, education and policymaking. Amy holds a doctorate (DPhil) in Theology from the University of Oxford, and serves as Honorary Lecturer in Divinity at the University Aberdeen.

Amy lives near Oxford with her husband ‘Frog’ and their three sons.

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