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Pete Wilson – My Voice vs. Man’s Voices

Pete Wilson guides attendees at REFUEL 2015 through I Samuel 17:28-33. He addresses the giants in their lives that they will give in to or reject. He states, “Both courage and fear are contagious!” Then questions, “Who in your life right now is saying, ‘You are not qualified,’ ‘This can’t be done,’ ‘You are never going to succeed’ or ‘You are wasting your time’? … Often it is the people closest to us that try to hold us back.”

He says, “As we look at the David vs Goliath story we see a lack age and experience.” And stated “Both courage & fear are contagious.” One discovery Pete made when he was preparing to start a church was,

God has a plan for your life and ministry, but so does everybody else!   Tweet Quote

“You have to decide who’s voice you are listening to.”

Pete concludes that during a dark moment, he heard God saying, “Hey Pete. you’ve got a decision to make. For the rest of your life, I am going to call you to do things that you are not qualified to do. Are you going to listen to my voice or man’s voice.” His response was “God, I’m in!”

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