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Ronnie Floyd – Walking Towards Your Future

Ronnie Floyd concludes his encouraging message to pastors on determining God’s direction in their lives. This was part of REFUEL 2014.

Pastor floyd said, “I want to challenge you today to believe God… When we refused to believe God we will be discouraged and discontented. Choose to believe God. When we do not, we become discontent and discouraged. Let’s get our head out of the sand, let’s refuse discouragement, let’s rebuke discontentedness, take ahold of what God brings our way every day.”

Thinking about preaching on Prov. 3:5-6 a friend told a powerful football analogy. When the ball goes opposite, get yourself down the field… You are going to be there, and you are going to take him home… He will clear the way and carry you all the way to the end zone. That is exactly what God does for us. When we trust God with all our heart, lean not on our own understanding, and we acknowledge Him, He will clear and direct our paths.

There is a God in heaven who loves you more than anyone else can love you. When everybody else walks out, He is walking in…’Follow Me, I will take you all the way to the endzone in your life and ministry.’  Tweet Quote

“He is just waiting for some of you to just pour out your heart to God. It all begins in one place, when you put your face before God and you put your “Yes” on the altar. That where a Godly Holy Spirit Filled man or woman needs to live.”

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